Karthika masa Parayana Telugu PDF

Karthika Puranam Telugu Parayana 30 Days

During the month of Karthika masam, Karthika Puranam Parayana will be done around 30 days. during the whole month devotees perform puja to Shiva and lit an oil lamp.

Sesame Oil has significant importance in Karthika masam. Listing light at the door step is a sign of welcoming health, Wealth & Prosperity.

3o day Karthika puranam Parayana definitely, gives us outstanding results.

Karthika Puranam Parayana procedure:

Wake up early in the morning – please try to perform puja before 6.

Take a bath and wear fresh clothes. Start puja.

Never skip your regular puja. We need to do our regular puja then start Parayana.

During parayana try to visualize the content of whatever you are reading. This gives us an unforgettable, Unexplainable feeling.

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