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Panchatantram Telugu stories for kids books online free. Read Panchatantra soties. Interesting kathalu with images (bommala). For more telugu kathalu keep visiting us.

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Panchantram part 1


Panchantram part 2


What are Panchatantra Stories?

Panchatantra stories are specially made for kids. These are the moral stories. Most of all characters in Panchatantra stories are animals. These stories were delivered by Vishnu sharma to educate price. A lot of Education, creativity involved in Panchatantram Kathalu.

Why Should I read Panchatantra stories in Telugu?

Most peope around the world read panchatantra stories for entertainment. Indians narrate the stories to their kids to educate them on moral values. These are not only stories – Great education for your little one. And why Telugu? Because you are Telugu 🙂

How I read Panchatantra Stories in Telugu?

We provided the complete set of 2 books above. If you want to save the panchatantra stories in Telugu in PDF format, Just register with us and get the links. It’s 100% FREE.

Who can read the Panchatantra stories?

Obviously, any one who can read simple Telugu. We have collected the simple to read Telugu Panchatantra kathalu and provided online.

When to read Panchatantra stories?

The hilarious Panchatantra stories are good to read any time. Specially, These are best fit as bedtime stories for kids.

Major Chapters in Panchatantra

1. Mitra-bhedaThe Loss of Friend

2. Mitra-lābha The Winning of Friends

3. Kākolūkīyam On Crows and Owls/On War and Peace: The story of the crows and the owls

4. LabdhapraṇāśamLoss of GainsOn Losing What You have Gained

5. AparīkṣitakārakaṃIll-Considered ActionOn Hasty Actions


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