sai satya vratham

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శ్రీ సాయి సత్య వ్రతం

Sai Satya Vratham

The spot chosen for the pooja ought to be legitimately cleaned for the occasionWithin the four corners and within the middle, lotus plans ought to be made with powdered rice. On the off chance that a mandapam  is accessible, it may be put up. At the four corners of the base four banana plants ought to be situated. A wooden board which is peetham of suitable estimate should be washed clean with water, wiped dry and after that put within the pooja spot within the middle of the four banana plants.

unused piece of cloth ought to be folded and orchestrated on the wooden peetham. Within the middle thereof, within the rice grains, Pranavam “OM”, ought to be composed with the finger. At the back of the pooja mandapam a picture of Sri Sai Bhagavan, properly enhanced with a bindi and bloom wreathsought to be put. A round-bellied vessel (or a large-sized tumbler) made of metal ought to be cleaned appropriately.

unused pullover piece collapsed into the frame of empty cone ought to be put among the twigs. The point of the cone ought to be interior the vessel. The empty base ought to be upwards. A laurel of blossoms ought to be set around the conically collapsed blouse piece. A dehusked coconut, after its fiber is expelled taking off a little tuft, ought to be secured with turmeric glue. A speck of vermilion ought to be connected to see like a bindi. Around the tuft of fiber ought to be set a blossom wreath and another wreath ought to be put around the neck of the vessel.

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