Shambuka vadha in telugu

Shambuka vadha in telugu from Ramayanam

Find the controversial Shambuka vadha in Telugu from Ramayanam.



Shambhuka Vadha 

Shambhuka Vadha revolves around the character of Shambhuka, a Shudra (a member of the lowest caste in the traditional caste system). Shambhuka was depicted as performing intense penance, which was unusual for a Shudra according to the norms of that time. His penance became so powerful that it started disturbing the gods in heaven, as it was believed that only Brahmins (the priestly caste) were entitled to perform such austerities.

In some versions of the Ramayana, particularly in the Uttara Kanda (the later section), Lord Rama learns about this disturbance and seeks to rectify the imbalance caused by Shambhuka’s penance. 

Uttara Kanda : Scholars like GARIKAPATI, CHAGANTI & Others says Uttarakanda is implantation in Ramayana. It wasn’t written by Valmiki. Sanskrit experts also conforms that it is not a part of Ramayana. 

The justification for Shambhuka’s killing varies across different interpretations and retellings of the Ramayana. Most people consider it as a symbolic act to restore order and uphold dharma (righteousness) in society, while few others view it as a critique of the caste system prevalent during ancient times. 

We must know that the Varna system is not based on birth it is based on work and character. 


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