Shiva is one of the major deities in Hinduism and is considered to be the supreme god in Shaivism, one of the major traditions within Hinduism. He is also known as Mahadeva, which means “Great God”.

Shiva is often depicted as a powerful and fierce ascetic, with a matted hair and a blue throat. He is also often shown holding a trident, a drum, and a serpent. He is often shown sitting in a meditative posture on top of a tiger skin, and his consort is goddess Parvati.

Shiva is the god of destruction and dissolution, and is also associated with regeneration and rejuvenation. He is often portrayed as the destroyer of evil and the transformer of souls. He is also considered as the god of yoga and meditation, and is associated with the inner self, consciousness, and the attainment of liberation.

In Hindu mythology, Shiva is known for his fierce and destructive powers, as well as his ability to grant boons and blessings to his devotees. He is also known for his role in the famous Hindu epic the Ramayana, where he helped Rama in his battle against the demon king, Ravana.

Shiva is also one of the deities that form the Hindu Trinity (Trimurti) along with Brahma and Vishnu. They represent the three aspects of the cosmic functions, creation, preservation and destruction respectively.

maha shiva ratri

Maha Shivaratri Puja Vidhanam

మహాశివరాత్రి పూజా విధానం Maha Shivaratri Puja Vidhanam మరి సమస్త దురిత కృయద్ద్వార శ్రీ పరమేశ్వర ప్రీత్యర్ మ్ శుభే శోభనే ముహూర్తే ఆద్య్రహ్మణ ద్వితీయ పరార్ధే శ్వేత వరాహకల్పే వైవస్వత మన్వంతరే […]

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Trinadha Vratam

Trinadha Vratam Telugu

త్రినాధ వ్రతం Trinadha Vratam A Vrata may be spurred by numerous components and is watched by both of them, but distant more regularly by ladies. The foremost common are transient wishes, such as the fast recuperation of a wiped out child, victory or bliss for an adored one, ripeness, ward off pessimism or threats, make supplications, and great wishes […]

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Kedareswara vratam Telugu

Kedareswara vratam Telugu

కేదారేశ్వర వ్రతం Kedareswara Vratam Telugu At Kailash, Parameswar and Parvati were situated in positions of royalty made of nine kind of jewels. Brahma, Vishnu, Devendran and thousands of devas, Rishis, […]

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