Mangala Gowri Vratam

మంగళగౌరీ వ్రతం

Mangala Gowri Vratam

Goddess Parvati is the image of control and the encapsulation of a joyfully women. Thusmarried ladies adore Goddess Parvati for joyfully family life. Mangla Gauri Vrat is watched on each Tuesday of Shravan month. Mondays of this month are the day for the adore of Sri Maha Shiva.

The Tuesday of this month is the reverence of Mangla Gauri. This Quick is watched as it were by ladies. The fasts are watched for 16 or 20 Tuesdays. The Vrat is committed to Goddess Parvati. Mangala Gauri Puja is watched by as of late Women to begin with five a long time in nearly all places of India.

The quick is kept by the ladies to urge endowments from Goddess Shakti. Revering Mata Gauri fills the life with extraordinary benefits and expel all their changesSingle young ladies revere Goddess Parvati on this day. Goddess Parvati is the life partner of Maha Shiva and is prepared to satisfy the wishes of devotees. Young ladies and ladies are revering sravana Mangla Gauri to urge a great spouse and for a fruitful family life.

well off dealer named Dharampal had a lovely spouse. But the couple was no Children. Be that as it may, by the elegance of God, they gotten a child who was brief lived. The couple hitched off their child with a young lady who was favored with a girl who would never confront widowhood. Subsequently, Dharampal’s child accomplished a life span of hundred years.

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