Santhoshi mata Vratam

Santhoshi mata Vratam

సంతోషి మాత వ్రతం

Santhoshi mata Vratam

The word ‘Santosh’ implies bliss, and Santoshi is the ‘one, who brings in fulfillment and spreads joy around’. Santhoshi Maa is respected as a exquisite and loveable holiness, who is greatly thoughtful to the necessities of her aficionados. This Goddess is for the most part delineated as sitting on a lotus in full blossomwhereas there are numerous more lotuses around that are filled with drainWhereas the drain filled lotuses indicate her virtue, the Goddess herself shows the presence of ethicalness and fulfillment in this world that’s progressively getting to be discourteous and selfish.

She is additionally seen with four hands, holding a trident, sword and a bowl of sugar in three of her hands and advertising assurance through the Abhaya mudra, held in her foremost right hand. It is additionally accepted that the weapons she holds are implied only for the fiendish powers which her upper hands themselves in conjunction with the weapons are not really unmistakable for her cherishing devotees.

Santoshi Maa is adored with dedication by individuals from all parts of the nationLadies revere the Goddess with included fervor, whereas numerous of them watch Vrat as well. Called the Santoshi Maa Vrat, ladies watch this custom in her respect for 16 successive Fridays. Women get up early on the Vrat days, take head shower, setup a picture of Santoshi Mata at the named putbeautify it with bloomsintroduce a kalash in front and make offerings like Channa with jaggery, crude sugar, banana etc. They at that point present slokas and sing melodies in laud of the divinity, and perform arti. The eyewitnesses of the Vrat moreover do fasting for the complete day and take nourishment as it were once, at supper time.

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