Vinayaka chavithi vratha

Sri Vinayaka chavithi vratha kalpam telugu

వినాయక చవితి వ్రత కల్పం

Sri Vinayaka chavithi vratha kalpam

Once there lived a evil presence ruler by the title of Gajasura, he was named so since had the frame of an Gaja. He performed incredible  tapasya for Maha Shiva. Shiva who was satisfied with the atonement came to him a vara(boon). That evil spirit implored Maha Shiva as before long as he saw him and after that implored that “ Mahadev, I would inquire you remain in my stomach” as vara. Mahadev known for his adore towards the followers concurred and remained within the stomach of the Gajasura.

Within the cruel time, godess Parvati spouse of Mahadev, who was in kailasam was getting stressed, as her spouse was not to be seen for numerous days. She looked and at long last found out that Maha Shiva was dwelling within the stomach of the evil presence Gajasura. Then she was exceptionally stressed on how to induce her spouse back and prayed to her brother Sri Maha Vishnu came to Parvati, who described the full story of Mahadev and asked Vishnu to assist in getting her spouse back. Vishnu supported Parvati and guaranteed that he would get back Mahadev.

Sri Maha Vishnu in conjunction with other gods Indira, Brahma etc brought forth a arrange of getting Shiva back. As a portion of the plan they enhanced Nandi as Gangiredddu this is often a portion of Andhra convention wherein bulls are brightenedprepared to form developments agreeing to the music and divine beings were camouflaged as melodic instrument players where all the divine beings took up distinctive melodic disobedient. With everything prepared all of them went to the capital city of the evil spirit Gajasura.

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