Aditya Hridayam

Aditya hrudayam Telugu

Aditya hrudayam in Telugu

ఆదిత్య హృదయం

Aditya hrudayam is the most powerful stotram of Lord Surya (Sun). Aditya hrudayam preached by Maharshi Agastya to SriRama during the Rama Ravana Yuddam. Agastya muni suddenly appeared at the war field at lanka when LoSriRama is little tired with war. He Preached Aditya hrudayam to Sri Rama and blessed that “Vijayee Bhava”.

When to chant Aditya hrudayam

Aditya hrudayam can be chanted at any time. When ever you feel stressed, feared, feeling low or any other cause. No need restrictions for this Glorious Mantra you may not need to even take a bath to chant this. Aditya hrudayam works under extreme conditions. You just need to chant it with FAITH.


Why Aditya hrudayam

  •  By chanting Aditya Hridaya Stotra Sri Rama killed Ravana and accomplished Victory. Subsequently, it encourages picking up certainty to vanquish over one’s issues.
  •  Individuals envious of Teja-the awesome Aura around them, need to recount Aditya Hridaya Stotra. This is expressed in        Bhagavata.
  •  By the finesse of Bhagavan Surya Kunti Devi was honored with Karna and vriksharaja with Sugreeva, as children.
  •  Satrajit got Syamantaka-mani by revering Surya.
  •  Dharma Raja got Akshaya patra by revering Lord Surya and he used to engage his visitors with this wish yielding bowl.
  •  It is expressed in Skanda purana that one needs to go to Surya Bhagavan for satisfaction and government assistance since he is the main pratyaksha dev, one who is ubiquitous and observer of every one of our deeds.
  • The Samba purana announced that Samba the child of Jambavati could get himself relieved of his sickness by adoring Lord Surya. Henceforth, a fix of a skin illness.

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aditya hrudayam telugu


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