Saisatcharitra in telugu

Sai Satcharitra In Telugu

Sai Satcharitra Telugu

సాయి సచ్చరిత్ర

Shri Sai Satcharitra is the above all else book dependent on the biography of Shri Sai Baba, which was initially written in Marathi by Late Govind Rao Raghunath Dabolkar (Hemadri panth), in refrain structure. Shri Sai Satcharitra is a talk on Baba’s proclaiming and His encounters with his lovers. The Hindi variant is in a straightforward content language that can be effectively perceived by the everyday person.

Baba himself gave Shri Govind Rao Raghunath Dabolkar (Hemadri panth), inward inspiration to compose these preachings. Baba had unmistakably let him know:

“I Myself compose my own life. Hearing My speeches and teachings will make confidence in aficionados’ souls and they will effectively get self-acknowledgment and internal delight… .”

Sai Satcharitra has been demonstrated on numerous events as a wish satisfying tree for Baba aficionados over the globe. devotees do Parayan, read a couple of parts every day, and in some structure or the other Sai, enthusiasts are clutching Sai Satcharitra and seeing its powers everywhere on the globe.

The celestial truth granted by this book is much more prominent than the information contained by the Vedas and Geeta alone.The explanation is that the characters and functions in this content are genuine as there are many points by point depictions and accounts of fans and observers of his marvels. –


Sai Satcharitra Importance

“The master understood that Baba had perused his heart and spoken it resoundingly. He saw that Baba was astute, honorable, and unadulterated. He watched Baba grasping one individual, contacting another with his hand, ameliorating others, gazing benevolently at a few, blessing at others, giving udi (blessed debris) to a few, and satisfying everybody. For what reason would it be a good idea for him to be managed so brutally? He understood that Baba’s direct mirrored his inward considerations precisely and he expected to take an exercise from it and improve.

One additionally achieves salvation, accomplishment in way of self – acknowledgment and otherworldly upliftment, by the beauty of Guru. “The master needs to uncover branches of obliviousness and give updesh (guidance). To the pupil, held enchanted for unlimited births by being an individual, humble and poor, the master confers the instructing over 100’s of births, ‘You are God, you are strong and brilliant.’ Then, he understands little by little that he is truly God. To eliminate this dream, this mistake, this root obliviousness How did it emerge? Where right? To show him this is called master updesh.”

How to read Sai Satcharitra

పూర్వసంప్రదాయానుసారము హేమాడ్ పంతు శ్రీసాయిసచ్చరిత్ర గ్రంథమును గురుదేవతాస్తుతితో ప్రారంభించుచున్నారు.

1.ప్రప్రథమమున విఘ్నేశ్వరుని స్మరించుచు ఆటంకములను తొలగించి యీ గ్రంథము జయప్రదముగా సాగునట్లు వేడుకొనుచు శ్రీసాయినాథుడే సాక్షాత్తూ శ్రీగణేశుడని చెప్పుచున్నారు. పిమ్మట శ్రీ సరస్వతీదేవిని స్మరించి యామె తననీ గ్రంథరచనకు

2. పురికొల్పినందులకు నమస్కరించుచు, శ్రీసాయియే సరస్వతీ స్వరూపులై తమ కథను తామే గానము చేయుచున్నారనియు చెప్పుచున్నారు

3. తదుపరి సృష్టిస్థితి లయ కారకులగు బ్రహ్మ విష్ణు మహేశ్వరులను ప్రార్థించి, శ్రీసాయియే త్రిమూర్త్యాత్మక న్వరూపులనియు, నమర్ధ సద్గురువులనియు, వారు మనలను సంసారమను నదిని దాటించగలరనియు చెప్పుచున్నారు.

4. తరువాత తమ గృహదేవతయగు నారాయణ ఆదినాథునకు నమన్కరించి, వారు కొంకణదేశములో వెలసిరనియు, ఆభూమి పరశురాముడు సముద్రమునుండి సంపాదించినదనియు చెప్పుచు, వారి వంశ
మూలపురుషుని స్తోత్రము చేసిరి. ఇక చదవండి……


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