Saisatcharitra in telugu

Sai Satcharitra In Telugu

Sai Satcharitra Telugu

సాయి సచ్చరిత్ర

Shri Sai Satcharitra is the above all else book dependent on the biography of Shri Sai Baba, which was initially written in Marathi by Late Govind Rao Raghunath Dabolkar (Hemadri panth), in refrain structure. Shri Sai Satcharitra is a talk on Baba’s proclaiming and His encounters with his lovers. The Hindi variant is in a straightforward content language that can be effectively perceived by the everyday person.

Baba himself gave Shri Govind Rao Raghunath Dabolkar (Hemadri panth), inward inspiration to compose these preachings. Baba had unmistakably let him know:

“I Myself compose my own life. Hearing My speeches and teachings will make confidence in aficionados’ souls and they will effectively get self-acknowledgment and internal delight… .”

Sai Satcharitra has been demonstrated on numerous events as a wish satisfying tree for Baba aficionados over the globe. devotees do Parayan, read a couple of parts every day, and in some structure or the other Sai, enthusiasts are clutching Sai Satcharitra and seeing its powers everywhere on the globe.

The celestial truth granted by this book is much more prominent than the information contained by the Vedas and Geeta alone.The explanation is that the characters and functions in this content are genuine as there are many points by point depictions and accounts of fans and observers of his marvels. –

How to read Sai Satcharitra

పూర్వసంప్రదాయానుసారము హేమాడ్ పంతు శ్రీసాయిసచ్చరిత్ర గ్రంథమును గురుదేవతాస్తుతితో ప్రారంభించుచున్నారు.

1.ప్రప్రథమమున విఘ్నేశ్వరుని స్మరించుచు ఆటంకములను తొలగించి యీ గ్రంథము జయప్రదముగా సాగునట్లు వేడుకొనుచు శ్రీసాయినాథుడే సాక్షాత్తూ శ్రీగణేశుడని చెప్పుచున్నారు. పిమ్మట శ్రీ సరస్వతీదేవిని స్మరించి యామె తననీ గ్రంథరచనకు

2. పురికొల్పినందులకు నమస్కరించుచు, శ్రీసాయియే సరస్వతీ స్వరూపులై తమ కథను తామే గానము చేయుచున్నారనియు చెప్పుచున్నారు

3. తదుపరి సృష్టిస్థితి లయ కారకులగు బ్రహ్మ విష్ణు మహేశ్వరులను ప్రార్థించి, శ్రీసాయియే త్రిమూర్త్యాత్మక న్వరూపులనియు, నమర్ధ సద్గురువులనియు, వారు మనలను సంసారమను నదిని దాటించగలరనియు చెప్పుచున్నారు.

4. తరువాత తమ గృహదేవతయగు నారాయణ ఆదినాథునకు నమన్కరించి, వారు కొంకణదేశములో వెలసిరనియు, ఆభూమి పరశురాముడు సముద్రమునుండి సంపాదించినదనియు చెప్పుచు, వారి వంశ
మూలపురుషుని స్తోత్రము చేసిరి. ఇక చదవండి……


Sai Satcharitra in Telugu online here

Sai Satcharitra Thursday Parayana

గురువారం పారాయణం


Adhyay – 1

Adhyay – 2

Adhyay – 3

Adhyay – 4

Adhyay – 5

Adhyay – 6

Adhyay – 7

Sai Satcharitra Friday Parayana

శుక్రవారం పారాయణ

Adhyay – 8

Adhyay – 9

Adhyay – 10

Adhyay – 11

Adhyay – 12

Adhyay – 13

Adhyay – 14

Adhyay – 15

Sai Satcharitra Saturday Parayana

శనివారం పారాయణ

Adhyay – 16 & 17

Adhyay – 18 & 19

Adhyay – 20

Adhyay – 21

Adhyay – 22

Sai Satcharitra Sunday Parayana

ఆదివారం పారాయణం

Adhyay – 23

Adhyay – 24

Adhyay – 25

Adhyay – 26

Adhyay – 27

Adhyay – 28

Adhyay – 29

Adhyay – 30

Sai Satcharitra Monday Parayana

సోమవారం పారాయణ 

Adhyay – 31

Adhyay – 32

Adhyay – 33

Adhyay – 34

Adhyay – 35

Adhyay – 36

Adhyay – 37

Sai Satcharitra Tuesday Parayana

మంగళవారం పారాయణ

Adhyay – 38

Adhyay – 39

Adhyay – 40

Adhyay – 41

Adhyay – 42

Adhyay – 43 & 44

Sai Satcharitra Wednesday Parayana

బుధవారం పారాయణ

Adhyay – 45

Adhyay – 46

Adhyay – 47

Adhyay – 48

Adhyay – 49

Adhyay – 50

Adhyay – 51

Other Sai baba parayana books

Guru Charitra in Telugu

Sai satcharitra in Telugu


Embarking on a spiritual journey often calls for reading and reflecting upon sacred texts. One such revered book among Sai Baba devotees is the Sai Satcharitra. Written by Hemadpant, it chronicles the life and teachings of Sai Baba of Shirdi.

For Telugu-speaking devotees, gaining access to the Sai Satcharitra in Telugu can be a significant step in their devotional practices. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to download the Sai Satcharitra PDF in Telugu for free and delve into the significance of this sacred text.

Understanding Sai Satcharitra

Sai Satcharitra is more than just a book; it’s a spiritual guide that has transformed lives. Written originally in Marathi, it has been translated into various languages, including Telugu. The text covers the miraculous experiences of Sai Baba’s followers and his timeless teachings.

The Significance of Sai Satcharitra

The Sai Satcharitra is considered a holy book, akin to the scriptures for Sai devotees. It is often read with great reverence and is believed to bestow blessings upon those who read it with devotion and faith.

Sai Satcharitra 7 Days Parayanam

A popular practice among devotees is the Sai Satcharitra 7 days Parayanam, where the book is read over a week, usually to fulfill a specific vow or to seek Sai Baba’s blessings for resolving difficulties.

Tips for Reading Sai Satcharitra PDF in Telugu

Reading the Sai Satcharitra is an act of devotion. Here are some tips to enhance your reading experience:

Set a Regular Reading Time

Establishing a specific time each day for reading can help you maintain consistency and build a spiritual routine.

Create a Quiet Environment

Find a peaceful spot for reading where you can focus on the teachings without distractions.

Understand the Teachings

Take the time to comprehend the stories and teachings. If needed, seek guidance from knowledgeable individuals or join study groups.

Reflect and Meditate

After reading, spend some time reflecting on Sai Baba’s teachings and meditate on his divine qualities.

Using Sai Satcharitra Telugu PDF for 7 Days Parayanam

Plan Your Reading Schedule

Divide the chapters accordingly to complete the book in seven days. Ensure you allocate sufficient time each day to cover the chapters.

Begin with a Prayer

Start each day’s reading with a prayer to Sai Baba, seeking his blessings for a successful Parayanam.

Maintain Purity

During the Parayanam, try to maintain a pure and vegetarian diet and live by Sai Baba’s teachings of love and compassion.

Conclude with Gratitude

On the seventh day, after completing the reading, express your gratitude to Sai Baba for guiding you through the Parayanam.

The Sai Satcharitra is a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom, and having it in Telugu enables a wider audience to benefit from its teachings. By following the guidelines provided, you can download the Sai Satcharitra Telugu PDF for free and incorporate its profound lessons into your daily life. Embrace the teachings of Sai Baba and allow his divine presence to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Remember, the path to spiritual enlightenment is enriched by the resources we use to walk it. May your reading of the Sai Satcharitra in Telugu bring peace, wisdom, and fulfillment to your life. 

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