Sri Garbarakshambigai Mantra

Sri Garbarakshambigai Stotram

Women who are trying to conceive should read the following Mantra of Devi Garbarakshambigai 

Each couples dream is to ended up a parent. It is the another step in family life and at in some cases it could appear inconceivable for few. Believe in this Goddess. She makes it conceivable. She grasps all, with her kindness and fulfills a women wish to conceive conjointly makes a difference carrying her child to full term without any obstacles along the way.

History says that Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman favored her impassioned devotee Vedhikai to conceive and when Vedhikai nearly misplaced her embryo, Garbarakshambigai  Amman came to her protectsecured her embryo and favored her for secure conveyanceVarious aficionados who long for a child have been favored by this divine mother. The uniform encounters of the individuals who have been favored by this divine god are declaration of her generosity. Individuals from different nations and religions, who have trouble in conceiving and conveyancesupplicate to this divine Goddess for her kindness and got blessed.

Sri Garbarakshambika Stotram in Telugu

ఓం గర్భరక్షాంబికాయై చ విధ్మహె
మంగళ దెవతాయై చ ధీమహీ
తన్నొ దెవి ప్రచొధయాథ్

Garbarakshambika Slokam in English

Aum Garbarakshambigaayai cha vidhmahe
Mangala dhevadhaayai cha dheemahee
Dhanno devi prachodhayaath2

 Garbarakshambika Slokam in Hindi

ओम गर्भरकक्षांम्बिकाय़ै च विद्महे,

मंगल देवतायै च धीमहि,

तन्नौ देवी प्रचोतयात्।

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